Allerton Hebrew Congregation

Central Synagogue

Malcolm Malits Court

207 Mather Avenue


L18 9UB

Office Hours:


      9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Sun & Bank Hols

            By appointment

Tel: 0151-724 4811


Rabbi Natan Fagleman

Mobile : 07541 368 656


Mr David A Coleman


Imm. Past Chairman:

Mr David Mann

Hon. Treasurer:
Mr Ellis Haft

Assistant Treasurer:
Mr Michael Boher

Hon. Secretary:

Mr Howard Norman



is a Registered Charity, Number: 1169737

מזל טוב

Mazaltov on the new arrival to your family.

You must be thinking about the naming of the baby and, if it’s a boy, Brit Milah.

Please do not hesitate to contact Rabbi Fagleman, e-mail:, Mobile: 07541 368 656.

A boy is given his Hebrew name at his Brit Milah. To find out about a Mohel please contact the Rabbi.

A girl is usually named in Shul when the father will receive an Aliyah. This can be done at the first opportunity, Monday, Thursday or Shabbat.

However, during the current Covid-19 situation this may be done at home and a Service may be found in the Green “Authorised Daily Prayer Book” on page 816 or can be downloaded by clicking here. Again, please contact Rabbi Fagleman or the office.